Refund Policy:

If you are not able to access or there are some technical failures at our end, we are at sole descretion to issue you a refund for the same.

If you face a loss in your business or any disruptions, we would not be liable to issue you any refunds in any case, whatsoever.

If after the purchase, you change your mind of not using the services and donot find them worthly, we will not provide you any refund, since you already had a trial account with almost all features to try before you buy.

If you have purchased the subscription with a discount i.e. not on the listed price, no discount would be given in any case.


Cancellation of Services:

It may be noted that if you cancel your subscription at any given point of time, we are not liable for any data loss that may occur post cancellation and therefore you are advised to keep a proper backup of your data before cancellation.

As a complementary incentive to our initial users, if you cancel during the middle of the month, we would give you a complete 30 days subscription. Meanwhile if you plan to renew again or upgrade, an additional 30 days subscription would be added to your plan in addition to your current plan.