Are you looking for the Best Jotform Alternative ?

So you want a jotform alternative, and are in a comparison mode. Most of the form builders offer more or less the same features but we at pinform have made it a point to offer dozens of small addons and a robust and easy to understand UI that may stand it apart from most of the online form builders.

Yes, we agree that Jotform has been there for more no. of years, but believe us, we have built pinform after a lot of research and asking users about their major pain points. Below is a detailed comparison of Pinform with Jotform.

Jotform Vs Pinform ( Jotform Alternative )

  JotForm Pinform
Custom HTML & CSS No Yes
Ease of Use Complex Super Easy
Multipage Forms No Yes
Custom Domains in Basic Plan No Yes
Submissions in Free Trial 100 Unlimited
No. of Questions ( In Trial) 10 Unlimited
Logic Jumps No Yes
Custom Thank You Page (In Trial) No Yes
Save & Resume No Yes
Customer Support (In Trial) No Yes
Multiple Pages No Yes
Menu Tabs No Yes
Landing Pages Integration No Yes
WYSIWYG Page Builder No Yes
Payment Submissions in Trial 10 No Cap


Regardless to say, the time taken to setup your form, survey, appointments or ecommerce shop takes less than 10 minutes at pinform, so signup and setup your account and scaleup your business or assignments.