Are you looking for the Best Google Forms Alternative ?

There is no denial that google forms is the most widely used form builder, but it may also be noted that it is not built for professional work. With an aim to target individuals as end customers and users, you can’t adopt google forms in your work. While pinform offers a much larger customization opportunity to twist and turn and brand a form according to your brand’s design, it also offers external CSS integration into the form. You can actually setup engagement practices and customer lifecycle management experiences right from the first click of a customer to repeat orders, by using pinform’s third party integrations and services.

Appointment booking system, Ecommerce Shop Setup, Multi file uploads, Multi Step Forms, Website builder integration with forms are a few of the many features available in pinform that set it way ahead of what google forms has to offer, making it truly the best google forms alternative.

Google Forms Vs Pinform ( Best Google Forms Alternative )

Google Forms Pinform
Payment Gateway Support No Yes
Ecommerce No Yes
Multipage Forms No Yes
Custom Domains No Yes
Form Views No Yes
Save & Resume Later No Yes
Logic Jumps No Yes
Custom Thank You Page No Yes
One Page Layout No Yes
Customer Support No Yes
Multiple Pages No Yes
Menu Tabs No Yes
Landing Pages Integration No Yes
WYSIWYG Page Builder No Yes
Detailed Analytics No Yes


The above are just a few very basic differentiation parameters, we appeal you to signup for a free trial and explore the difference yourself. Not just another google forms alternative but we are sure you would find us the best online form builder.